Nah, just kidding this is here and now, right here in the valley. Bubba Fett quit their day jobs as intergalactic bounty hunters to bring spaced out country vibes right to your landing pad. Renowned by many on the Jedi council as the chillest around, their blend of warbly psychedelia and country rock returns a balance to the force. Backed by a steadfast rhythm section, Bubba Fett their feet on the ground while the guitars take you traveling through the stars. With a name like Bubba Fett, you’d expect an element of sci-fi in the songwriting, but they don’t rely on gimmicky lyrics to get by, incorporating the supernatural and old time stories of the west into thoughtful lyricism. This ain’t some cheesy reboot. This is pure unadulterated space-cowgirl country music. This is Bubba Fett.

Catch Bubba Fett cruising hyperspace in Livingston, Bozeman, and beyond! Or right here on THE GALLATIN UNDERGROUND!!(Click or Touch the picture to go to the band’s page!)