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A haunting toy piano rings out, opening up into steady crunched out riffage in a flurry of an opener to “… quite contrary” Livingston punk rock trio Cwene Mary’s first release.

The group reflects on modern life with songs ranging from therapy, pills, the American dream, stacks of cash, being broke, and an Ukrainian Film Festival.

Wait is that an Alice in Wonderland sample?

Thumping bass lines, driving drums, hissing guitar riffs and blood spitting vocals fuse together into one wholly bad ass punk record. Raw and unforgiving, Cwene Mary has blasted onto the scene with “…quite contrary”

Melodic one liner guitar solos, vocal breaks, and spastic rhythmic changes keep each song fresh and interesting. Never does the album feel repetitive or stale, but also doesn’t feel erratic or overly random. Even the seemingly random samples from old records fit into a haunting old timey vein of similarity.

From start to finish “…quite contrary” is a Sonic whirlwind that will keep you pumped, and signals a solid beginning for Cwene Mary.

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