Once every 75 years or so, the cosmic phenomenon of Halley’s Comet is visible from Earth. I don’t know why you would replicate such scare repetition as a local band, but maybe I’m not as innovative as Halley’s Return.

Featuring Gallatin Underground’s own Vince Palafox and Erin Redfire, Harry’s Return is another mediocre band we have to cover because of connections. Really, the best part is definitely the drummer Bailey, and she moved away, probably to avoid Vince.

The thrashy punk rock stylings leave much to be desired, but Hailey’s ReRun is obviously trying their best. Aren’t we all though? Who can blame them? I can. This is what happens when you schedule the interviews when I have to work Vince.

Be sure to catch the next pass of Hillary’s Re-election and form your own, unbiased objective opinions.

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