The Gallatin Underground is very excited to announce our first split demo release!

We’ve got a blend of some of the best in Stoner/Fuzz Rock and Metal for you on one CD! Both bands are local from Bozeman and they’re headed out for a tour this summer to infect the nation with their unique blend of riffage and psychedelia. Kannabyss hits you first on this first ever “Split” EP brought to you by the Gallatin Underground, with their heavy, riff-based doominess and dual vocals, followed by the sexy and rebellious brand of fuzz, funk, rock, and all things bodacious, Liquid Colors takes the second half of this 6-track CD and brings you back from the Liquid Abyss.

Definitely check it out, Name Your Own Price and support two awesome local bands! And be sure to share with your friends/family/people-who-need-to-have-their-faces-melted/your neighbors/ex-girlfriends/your dog.

Check them out!

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