We recently added a couple new members to the crew here at Gallatin Underground and think it’s about time for a meet and greet! Well, like as close to a meet and greet as you can do over cyberspace…

Over the next week, when we’re not busy telling you when the next rockin show is, we’ll do a blog post about the team that makes the Gallatin Underground happen.

So without further ado, meet:

Vincent Palafox – Founder/Host

Live from The Gallatin Underground!

With a face made for radio it’s no surprise that Vince is the founder of The Gallatin Underground. Singer/Guitarist for Hailey’s Return, and Bassist of Liquid Colors, you’ll probably catch him hamming it up on the dance floor. Vince has been everywhere west of the Rocky Mountains, and has called Montana home for most of his life that he remembers (and some he doesn’t).

With a love of punk rock, alternative 90’s, grunge, early garage rock, and everything acoustic, he helps lead the charge into the local underground scene.

Dr. Foxy in the flesh everybody!!!

Low End Expert of Liquid Colors
Guitbox and Mouth Sounds in Hailey’s Return

Stay Tuned to The Gallatin Underground for the latest and greatest of the Montana Music Scene!!!

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