Erin Redfire

Gallatin Underground Host/Founder Erin Redfire

It started as an idea.

“Yo! Let’s start a podcast about the music scene!”

Gallatin Underground spawned from the heart and mind of Erin Redfire. With a passion for music, you’ll find her laying down killer riffs and singing in Kannabyss, and rocking the bass in Hailey’s Retun. But that’s not all! She also creates electronic music under the tag Azakaela! It’s upbeat retro game inspired cyberfuzz chip tune. Don’t know what that means? Think super 8-bit video game tunes but with a fuzzy distorted twist backed up by slappin beats. This genre bending badass loves everything from stoner doom to electronica, and everything in between!!

Now presenting founder/host of The Gallatin Underground, Erin Redfire!!!

Hosts Erin Redfire and Vincent Palafox mid interview for Pop Violence in Missoula

Kannabyss about to rock Kalispell

As always stay tuned to The Gallatin Underground for whats happening in the scene! We’ve got a bunch more interviews coming up and some new episodes coming soon!

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