Tommy D

“Why haven’t you posted in a while?”

“What’s going on this week?”

“Why didn’t you cover my band’s show?!?”

Go yell at Tommy D, our resident hairball and hashtag wizard. JK, he’s barely better at running our social media than Vince. He got roped into this by explaining to Vince how Instagram works. That and an undying love of music and all things DIY. This eclectic spaz can be found picking a banjo in indie-folk orchestra Wind and the Willows, squawking and pretending to play guitar in fuzz rock band Liquid Colors, or singing solo songs streetside or in bars for money. His widely varied music taste includes nearly everything under the sun, and moon for that matter. Bluegrass and country, metal and rock, hip hop and spoken word, even electronic and funk, you name it and Tommy’s probably into it. You may have caught him behind the scenes too, working in some capacity with Lotus Eaters Productions to bring All Ages DIY shows to Bozeman.

Love him or hate him, you can’t get rid of him. Welcome to the team Tommy D!

Tommy D & Dr. Foxy throwing down for Liquid Colors

Twang that thang Tommy!

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