As we reach the end of the year, we’ve interviewed and recorded 23 bands! And the crazy part is, we haven’t even yet scratched the surface of what Bozeman, Gallatin County, the surrounding areas and Montana and the Upper Midwest have to offer! We have one band left to record this year, Bein’ Useful.

Being that it is Thanksgiving, we’d like to extend our thanks to all the bands we’ve interviewed throughout this year, they are the real rockstars and we’ve been so lucky to be able to witness and promote such raw unadulterated talent!

Heterophobe — Thanks for being our guinea pig #GodDamnitDave

Battle Stations — Thanks James for leaving California and bringing your badass punk rock influence to Montana #MontanaLife

Death Trophy — Thanks for introducing us to the LUX! #PunkRock4Life

Kannabyss — Thanks for smoking all the trees #KannabyssKillz

Dashboard Carl — Thanks for being such a shining RAY of light #Ray4Ever

Timmy and the Tortures Syndrome — Thanks for being such chill dudes #SkateOrDie

Zenitram Jr. — Thanks for providing us with Sick Ass Crystals #KeepItWeird

Something and the Anything — Thanks for turning music into a journey #DeadHead

The Dirty Dirty — Thanks for looking out for the polar bears #BearSheets

Three Miles to Clyde — Thanks for the ultimate diva experience #DivaStar

Pop Violence — Thanks for showing us the dirty side of Missoula #CrustPop

Shot Stereo — Thanks for sticking it to the man #LiberalMetal

Bear Spray Akimbo — Thanks for bringing back the 90’s #NinetiesRockIsntDead

Modern Sons — Thanks for weird years #SexTheCat

Bubba Fett — Thanks for being S P A C E C O W B O Y S #CelestialWranglers

Randall Scott Experience — Thanks for being such a shit show #HeterophobeWasRight

Halley’s Return — You barely even exist #NoOneCares

Liquid Colors — Thanks for being the paint pot you are #SoWhatLikePaint

Panther Car — Thanks for not being a literal Panther Car #ThisIsNotPantherCar

Leafblower — Thanks for keeping the streets clean #BlowThemLeaves

Eneferens — Thanks for teaching us about the universe #JourneyMetal

Jacob Roundtree & Company — Thanks for the lovely lullabies #PopFolkPop

Tiny Iota — Thanks for putting up with us #IndieRockLives

Bein’ Useful — Thanks for letting us blow you off #Episode24IsComing

Season 2 will be starting in earnest next year, with Anaconda Vice! Guaranteed to be a great way to kick off the new season! As we move forward and Gallatin Underground continues to grow, we hope to continue to bring you what the Underground Music Scene truly has to offer, and to continue to bring musicians and fans together!

We will be celebrating the ending of Season 2 with a kick ass Very Metal Christmas fundraiser to help us keep the site running, and the Gallatin Underground going!

Make to sure to come and party down with us and help support your local music scene!

#KnowYourScene #Season1