A local cluster of musicians bringing together

the finest sounds of blues, rock & roll, and space tunes.

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The Dirty Dirty is a Bozeman, MT based 3 piece band. Somewhere between higher dimensions, BBQ, polar bears, doomed spaceships, and whiskey, the Dirty Dirty has found its cosmic purpose in this weird and wild universe. While their song themes jump around in seemingly random order, they find order in the chaos of the band’s heavy, guitar-driven blues/psych rock sound. It could be that they play it loud, fusing the separate elements together by force. Or maybe its the rock-solid symmetry of a guitar-bass-drums trio. Whatever it is, the Dirty Dirty leaves you with a sort of jaded optimism that even if we destroy the planet or ourselves (or both) at least we’ll have kickass rock and roll to play us out. Get blown away by Jeff’s amazing leads, Dan’s unstoppable bass and Ian’s masterful drum riffs.

What are you waiting for, just listen to it already!

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