Ever come to work hungover on the first day?

That’s the PCB’s, who are the BEES KNEES as boomers might say. #BoomerPunk

These guys are old school, I’m talking 2010-2014 era Bozeman Punk, probably the only punk band that existed here then.

Piloted by DrunkPunk, #GoddamnitDave, and Chris-The-Drummer, this band is reuniting after 5 years of doing whatever it is that retired punk rockers do (like maybe having a real-life and a job and kids and an affinity for wearing dresses.).

To commemorate their 5-year reunion the Gallatin Underground has opened up a new interview show called Hidden Gems! It’ll feature local artists old and new alike, without our traditional music/interview/music/interview/music/etc format.

Don’t miss the last time you’ll ever be to see the PCB’s, tonight Dec. 7th, 2019 @ the Mint Bar in Livingston! Music starts at 9 pm

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