It’s the year 3019. A space biker cruises across the galaxy, super sonic speakers still blasting his favorite vintage album, “The Weird Years” by Modern Sons.

Here and now, the space age tones of Modern Sons push the boundaries of rock music. 90’s/00’s garage rock lays a solid foundation for overtones that are obviously used to contact aliens. With songs ranging from an art party with friends to Ukulele girls, the content is as eclectic as it comes. However out there at times, nothing is overly experimental. Each tone is crafted and perfectly placed, easily digestible for those less into sounds from the final frontier.

A longtime staple in the Bozeman scene, the Modern Sons formed in 2012 and have continued evolving ever since. Self described as Psychedelic Post-Punk, they breakthrough the boundaries of even such a loosely defined sub-genre. The four piece brings a ubiquitously sonic ambiance with crunchy guitars and sophisticated bass lines. Their organic structures are not based in a particular style of music, but rooted in the expression of experience and the song itself. All of these elements blend together to create a truly unique and refreshing sound.

Battling through multiple lineup changes, Modern Sons relentlessly perform, tour, and create new music. As of this interview, the band is comprised of Ryan Saul on guitar and vocals, Dan Haywood on lead extra terrestrial contact unit, Dustin Crowson on bass, and Ezra Bowman on the drums. Unfortunately, as of release, Ezra has moved out of Bozeman, and the gang is on the hunt for another new drummer.

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