Episode 16 features the Randall Scott Experience,

a punk rock trio from Livingston.

Their gnarly sound is shaped by thumpy melodic basslines, dirty distortion, and throaty vocals. With power chords coursing through their veins, the Randalls’ sound ranges from classic punk rock to borderline black metal. Dark haunting riffs coat thrashing guitars throughout debaucherous songs about society, drinking, Star Trek, and killing pretty boys.

With guitarist and vocalist Sam Galer flying the coop to Missoula, Randall sightings can be a rare occurrence these days. But don’t worry! Two of the members now hold residence in Cwene Mary.

Don’t miss out next chance you have to see the rowdiest group in Livingston, and perhaps the greater valley area.

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Love em, hate em, they’re the Randalls. No one likes them, and they don’t care.