Have you ever wished you had your very own theme song? Wait no longer, Zenitram is here for you! Also cures many ailments.

(Listen to the interview for the full list of cures!)

Another one of Zenitram Jr.’s favorite things to do is write “Roast Tracks”!

For a small price you could dish out some fire to an unsuspecting loved one or friend. Nothing is better than roasting your loved one or friend in the form of song! This will give you  something they will never live down, and also something that you will both enjoy for years to come!

Zenitram Jr. performs a wide variety of styles and genres. From Comedic Acts to Punk Rock, Electronic to Hip Hop, Roast Tracks to Theme songs, Acoustic  to Noise Rock and so much more!

Don’t miss your chance to catch one of the most diverse artists in town!

(Click or Touch The Avocado To Go To Zenitram Jr.’s Page!)

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