Our fearless leader Vincent Palafox sits down on the other side of the mic for once to talk about what music means to him. Entirely self-taught, Vincent began the opposite of many and started out writing his own songs. Being the guitarist and vocalist for Halley’s Return showcases just that. A long history of recording his own tunes and audio clips, Vince’s philosophy seems to revolve around ‘my life: recorded’. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t until much later through his musical journey Vincent started playing covers. 

He opens up with talk of his early recording techniques, sending tracks across the country online with strangers, and overcoming insecurities as an artist. It takes a lot to play with others, and Vincent has learned from his time with Halley’s Return, The Guy Who Forgot His Guitar, and learning a new realm as bassist for Liquid Colors. He also has many random collaborations with Jared Phoenix of Shot Stereo.

As a solo artist Vincent has a plethora of tunes crossing many genres. His haunting lyrics remind one of old 60’s psychedelia, bop, and garage grunge undertones. The start-stops and sudden rhythmic changes transform what some may call bland, and transforms the songs into captivating performances. The tripped-out guitars help create an eerie soundscape not found with many solo performers.

Check out some of his collection “Pieces of Nothing” by Vincent Palafox on the Gallatin Underground! And as always, remember to stay tuned to keep up to date on all of your local music news!



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