It’s a crisp autumn morning. Maybe you’re peacefully sipping a cup of coffee while watching the leaves fall. Or trying to get just a few more moments of shut-eye when you hear it- ripping like a tornado through your eardrums. It’s your god damn neighbor Paul revving his fucking leaf blower at 7 am!!

And yeah yeah, I know that’s not the Leafblower we’re talking about here, but the analogy fits. The juxtaposition of peaceful yet gloomy riffs interjected with chaos and noise makes up the bulk of the band’s sound. Spastically switching from clean to fuzzed-out feedback creates dramatic contrast within each song. Even when changes are external between two different songs, the tension built seems intentional.

Fairly new to the Bozeman scene, Leafblower has been rocking all across town this last year, seemingly coming out of nowhere (like Paul’s leaf blower in the distance). It’s always dope having new blood join us in the scene and on the show. 

Be sure to stay tuned and catch Leafblower as they hit the town in 2020! And always keep your ear to the underground right here at Gallatin Underground for the latest and greatest of your local music scene! 


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