Holy shit! I’ve never heard one person create such a big sound before! Brainchild of Jori Apedaile, Eneferens is a one man metal masterpiece. Looping everything on his own, Apedaile creates soundscapes ranging from beautiful and airy, to crushing and heavy. Floating lush guitars soon give way to rapid blast beats and growling vocals. 

Eneferens’ latest album “The Bleakness of our Constant” is a sonic journey front to back. Peaceful at times, blackened at others, melodic throughout this creation will keep you on your toes in its entirety. Apedaile’s vocal range in itself is nothing to scoff out, capable of beautiful soaring melodies and also the harshest and deepest of screams. The magnitude of scope captured by Eneferens leaves one awestruck through each track.

Join us as Jori Apedaile, aka Eneferens, talks with us about perks and pitfalls of creating solo music, touring as a one man act, what lies in store for the new year, and much much more.

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