Go For The Throat Ent., is a local Bozeman production company founded and ran by Robert Stotts. Robert primarily works with Punk Bands and Hip Hop Artists. Established is 2017, Go For The Throat Ent. has put on a multitude of great shows for the community in the Bozeman area. Due to Robert’s love for both genres, Robert has decided he would rather risk losing money booking nationwide acts, rather than travel to see “said bands” like the rest of the community would otherwise have to do. In the short time that Robert has been promoting bands and booking shows, he has had the opportunity to get to know and hang out with some of his childhood idols. Feeling a sense of pride that all “His Homies” had the opportunity to enjoy the show as well is only one of the many reasons he continues to book these types of shows. Only with the involvement of community members, such as die-hard fans, will production companies like Roberts be able to make it. So, help Robert Stotts with his efforts in booking these awesome events by making it to the next Go For The Throat Ent. event. 

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