Watching an artist grow and develop is one of the best parts of the music scene. The twists and turns, how they progress, all of it brings further attachment to their art and to the scene as a whole. Jacob Rountree is one of those artists. From performing solo on an acoustic guitar at coffee shops, to developing an entire set based around loops and his unique style of playing, to now playing as a three piece band. You can never know where the bar is, he’ll continue to surpass it. 

Washed in reverb, Jacob Rountree’s percussive style of playing balances airy effects and grounding guitar in beautiful juxtaposition. Introspective lyrics and dynamic changes coat each song in it’s own unique mood. Now backed by Marcus Bendon on drums, the range and power of the music is even more powerful. His reserved drumming brings a symphonic percussion yet is never timid, each strike perfectly accents what happens around him. Singer and cellist Leah Thronson adds even more dimension, creating beautifully eerie harmonies over already angelic vocals. 

This trio has the power of making a full sound worth of an orchestra from just themselves. Be sure to keep an eye out for Jacob Rountree, for the real magic happens watching these talented artists play together live.


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