The smallest mite in the universe, a scintilla of dust floating through the star, specks of sand dotting a shoreline. These microcosms all represent the sound of tiny iota. Lush, laid back grooves, which still propel one forward, coated with introspective croonings. lyrically reminiscent of Thom Yorke or Elliot Smith, and sonically evocative of modern psych-rock.


Tiny Iota combines familiar elements to create a unique style. Minimalistic at times, the band always creates a big sound. Very emotional, Tiny Iota suggests feelings of being alone in a big empty room or walking through a crowded city street. The happy upbeat songs call upon melancholy lyrics to express a somber poppiness as if it’s sunny outside, yet you still feel gloomy inside. Despite this, the band always tends to set their resolve with seemingly optimistic terms.


Enjoy this next episode of The Gallatin Underground Show with Tiny Iota. You can stream their new album, Town Crier at or pick it up in person at their next show.


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