Pat Lokken built himself from the depths of the treacherous DIY scene into a stoic, multi-armed Hindu God-Audio-Visual Emperor. 

Going from renting the Bogart park shell for $75 only to get a turnout of 3 people to now, paying the bands $75, doing sound and video, and STILL continuing to get a turnout of 3 people has lead to him to become one of the area’s favorite Sound Guy’s.

In this interview on Hidden Gems, Vincent Palafox and guest host, Chris Johnson (Goners UK, Battlestations), dive deep into the mind and SOUL of poor Pat Lokken. On the journey into the abyss that is the sound engineer’s industry, we discover a background of PBS, a mysterious Blunderbuss he calls home, work is his “drink of choice”, and an enthusiasm the likes of which no mere mortal would ever understand, yet, they remain in awe.

This Living Breathing Audio Video Machine is responsible for some of the best shows that have happened in the area, and also for pissing off every other sound guy for stomping on their dicks with is powerful sound blaster and paralyzing light shows. His Google Calendar is like his reverse “kryptonite” without it he would surely die.  

Pat’s most recent undertaking, In The Music Box, which he claims is a direct rip off of “NPR’s Tiny Desk Series” showcases local artists booming with talent. You should check it out ‘cuz it’s way better and more local (and if you don’t you may be devoured by six legged bumble thunder beasts). 

Currently, he’s looking for sponsorship to continue his series and hopes that the idea grows and gains support from the community. With his rececently started patreon campaign, (Click Here), He pushes and works tirelessly to get out episodes edited and released weekly.

Still, as the Multi-Armed Vishnu Twin he is, solemnly looking death into the eyes, Pat Lokken willingly takes on the challenge of rolling a d20 to conquer the likes of “PermaFunk” in his near future episode of “In The Music Box”

Residing at The Blunderbus, Pat Lokken works to promote local artists and pursue his audio-video passion. Constantly looking for a new challenge and a larger paycheck, Pat Lokken is not afraid to do anything that could involve both. Don’t miss your chance to find out more about this exciting episode with Pat Lokken today!

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