And they’re pinned! Anaconda Vise are the new welterweight champions of Bozeman pro-wrestling themed bands!


You read that right folks. PRO WRESTLING THEMED BAND. Are you ready for your eardrums to feel the smackdown? Well get ready brother, cuz the pain is coming! Anaconda Vise will keep you on the ropes, again and again until you’re ready to tap out in submission. How many songs could possibly be about wrestling, you ask? All of them! Each one packs a haymaker of melodic punk rock energy, capturing breaks, and heartfelt vocals. 

Recently Anaconda Vise somehow managed to capture their live energy in the studio with their latest release ‘Always Go Out On Bottom.’ The two part single is available on Bandcamp for $3. 

Be sure to grab your digital copy brother. 


And as always, stay tuned to Gallatin Underground for the latest from the local music scene.

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