New Site. New Season. Same Scene. (Just Quarantined)

Wow what a ride! 24 episodes later and we’re barely grazing the surface of the scene. Thank you to all of the bands who have let us into their space, everyone who has been a part of interviews, and of course all of you listening and sharing and supporting us. With Season 1 coming to a close, we’ve learned some things and have adapted.

The biggest change is our new website. We’ve moved over to The new platform brings some new features. The band pages are now located right smack in the middle of the home page, so you don’t have to wait for the dropdown menu to load in anymore.
The radio player can now be opened as a mini player in a different tab so you can browse the web without losing the interviews or music you’re rocking out to. The new artist submission form is also right on the home page, so it’s easier to be a part of the Gallatin Underground! Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from submitting. We are still accepting band/artist submissions. We will schedule bands on a first come first serve basis. So get your band on the books! When we beat this virus, we will begin scheduling bands.

We’ve also added some new content recently. Vince has released all of the shows he has helped do sound for in the Live Shows player. If you have a live show you would like to add to this list, contact Vince at We also have more interviews in the Hidden Gems sections now. These include artists that don’t perform live often, but are still making and releasing content. Also in the Hidden Gems section we are showcasing sound & video engineers, and any local artists or comedians who would like a spot on our page. We also are making our rounds with different promoters and other folk who do a lot of the behind the scenes work to make the scene as dope as it is. Be sure to take a peak at these new sections!

So originally, this would have been the part where I plug the shit out of Season 2… But now that we’re smack in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve had to change our plans. We’ve talked it over, and think that it wouldn’t be a great idea to continue to try and do interviews during lockdown. Because no one knows what is going to happen, we are unsure when we will continue making regular content. In the meantime however, we are still going to begin the new season with the episodes we recorded earlier this year. We will also be re-releasing all of Season 1 on Youtube, as we continue to expand platforms.

Regardless of how long it takes, we know that shows will be happening soon enough. Bands will practice again, with loads of new shelter material. And we’ll still be here to capture it all.

Stay tuned.

The Gallatin Underground
Vincent Palafox

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