Bozeman’s Greatest Shit

Robert Stotts, performing as Buckshot Killit, continues to entertain Bozeman and surrounding areas with Hip-hop/Rap music. BSK, plays solo shows, with a live band and also collaborates with other artists. Even though BSK hasn’t released much material in the last few years he has continued to hold the title for Bozeman’s Best Hip-Hop Artist four years running.  Inspired by a background of punk rock and hard times in the ghetto, Robert uses BSK as his “alter ego” to release energy. BSK is not messing around when creating music. Over the last couple years he has continued to create music, but perhaps, pulled too much into his alter ego, he stopped caring about the sound and started creating content. He decided the work he had put in wasn’t the quality he was looking for, so he tossed it out. Currently BSK is in the works of producing another album that will blow your mind and remind you why BSK has remained Bozeman’s Best Hip-Hop Artist for 4 years running.

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