Goners UK

It’s about damn time we got Goners U.K. on the Gallatin Underground show! A staple of the Bozeman punk scene, it was a pleasure to sit down with them for this episode. If you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, Goners U.K. blend elements of punk, surf, and straight rock n roll into an uncut, in your face style. Ripping fast melodic riffs set the stage for lyrics spanning different hardships, politics, hypocrisy, and much more. The raw energy of Goners U.K. makes the realities of modern life glaringly apparent through their music. Having played with many punk rock veterans locally, and a few tours of their own, Goner U.K. have certainly earned their stripes. Be sure to check out episode 2 with Goners U.K.


We’ll be releasing what content we have throughout this pandemic. We’re currently testing out video interviews for our Hidden Gems section as well. The scene isn’t going anywhere baby!

So stay tuned for updates and new episodes to keep you entertained through the lockdown.


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