Bein’ Useful

On this latest episode of the GU Show, spastic goofballs Bein’ Useful bring us their 7 Layer Dip of tripped out funk-rock. Groovy, spacey, jazzy, ripping, and… shit that’s only four layers… You’ll just have to trust me you wanna smother your chips in their high energy party rock. The wild energy between the trio is something to behold live, reflecting the good-natured easy-going character of Jaffe Wilde (guitar and vocals), Ryan Krauss (bass), and Ian Jarvi (drums). Not stuck or pigeonholed to any one style, Bein’ Useful touches many genres and influences while maintaining themselves as something unique. Wilde’s talk rock style of storytelling takes one twisting and turning down the rabbit hole. Backed by abrupt rhythm changes and melodic grooves, layer and layer is added as each story unfolds. You never end up in the same place you started, wondering how you got there, to begin with. The high energy of Bein’ Useful is something to behold in person. With live shows slowly coming back in 2020 don’t miss any chance you have to see these guys play. 

Stay Tuned to the Gallatin Underground!



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