My Own Ruin

Bozeman’s NU’est metal band, My Own Ruin, comes to The Warehouse for another episode of The GU Show. Full of crunchy riffs, melodic guitars, and gut-wrenching vocals, My Own Ruin makes their debut with high energy tunes. Their heavy stomping tunes pack a punch. The juxtaposition of chugging guitars and aetherial singing creates and haunting sound, only to drop into meaty screams and growls.

Born from hardships, the forming of My Own Ruin happened organically over time. Unfortunately, it happened right at the beginning of the COVID outbreak. This slowed the band’s progress but has not stopped them from writing and rehearsing their original music. It has however prevented the band from performing live during the shutdown and restricted stages of the pandemic. But filled with resolve, My Own Ruin is biding their time for when live music will be allowed again, and they will be ready to take the Bozeman scene by storm. 

When live shows start again we’ll all be ready. Until then stay tuned to the Gallatin Underground for videos, interviews, and more from the valley.


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