Ryan Chrys

Born and raised in Montana, Ryan Chrys is a singer-songwriter now based out of Denver, Colorado. He plays a blend of storytelling folk and outlaw country music, both solo and with his band Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts. With quite the repertoire, he has performed with country greats such as Dwight Yokum, Shooter Jennings, and more. With strong roots stemming from folk music through his family, Ryan Chrys previously was touring frequently in the before times. The Rough Cuts would be playing roughly 150 shows a year! Not bad for a bad who has been together for 8 + years. As he sings his solo songs, it’s obvious why people come out to enjoy his music. Each song tells its own heartfelt story, reflecting the country influence of many greats. Familiar in a sense, the chords and picking patterns still remain fresh and joyful. Ryan Chrys is truly a warm spirit, and we were delighted to sit down and hear his story on the show. 


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