Stoneman's Way

Up next on The GU Show we have long time scenesters Stoneman’s Way. Having over 20 years in the Bozeman underground under their belts, these guys were a blast to have on the show! Stoneman’s Way blends bouncy classic rock vibes with high energy garage punk. Poppy melodies over crunchy guitars create fun danceable songs that slap. Thudding bass and drums topped with group vocals round out each song and keep the party going all night long! Even the vocals have a unique bounce to them, reminiscent of a Dead Kennedys cadence. With such longevity in the scene, Stoneman’s Way have played just about everywhere there ever was to play in Bozeman. Someday soon when shows start back up again, we’ll all be able to go dance around like idiots! Until then, catch Stoneman’s Way and many more fun bands right here at the Gallatin Underground!

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