Dirty Apes Inc

On this episode of Hidden Gems, the man behind the mask, Izzy Espinola, sat down with us to talk about his visual arts Dirty Apes Inc. Known primarily as the shredding riff bringer of Dashboard Carl, Izzy also makes multifaceted visual art ranging from still videos, still images and even the masks he wears. Blending haunting futuristic, horror, and sci-fi aesthetics, he uses these influences to create stunning pieces. Dirty Apes Inc. began as a band name for a project that never reached fruition, and slowly became a signature used by Izzy until it morphed into a quasi-brand of its own. Inspired by an upbringing of heavy classic pop culture, Dirty Apes Inc. reflects a love of all things indie, DIY and bizarre. Make sure to find Dirty Apes Inc. online to really appreciate this extremely talented personality!

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