Soul Anatomy

This week on The Gallatin Underground Show we are joined by Soul Anatomy. The hip-hop artist and rapper has been grinding to carve a niche for herself in a scene that is predominantly male-focused. And it’s working! With a range of lofi soul sample-based beats, to dirty west coast low-end inspired bass, Soul Anatomy creates music that packs a punch and brings a groove. Knocking kicks and wobbly 808s pepper beats underneath captivating lyrics. The wordplay and flow of each song not only paints a picture but also acts as another rhythmic element on its own. Inspired by strong female rappers of the ’90s, Soul Anatomy pays tribute to old school sounds while blending in new era styles seamlessly. Replicating no one and only staying true to herself as an artist, Soul Anatomy is a very talented performer. Be sure to be on the lookout for new material from her coming soon!

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