About Us

Founded in 2018, The Gallatin Underground emerged from a simple idea conceived by Erin Redfire and Vincent Palafox one fall evening over cocktails. Erin, with her eclectic musical background, recognized Vince’s strong desire to capture local artists. She proposed, “Why not record local bands and interview them? We could release it as a podcast or something.” Vince, more concerned with finding another gin and tonic, nonchalantly replied, “Sure.”

Months passed without discussion, but in November 2017, Erin called Vince, reigniting their idea. Vince, still interested, acquired a mixer and mics, initiating recordings with the local band Heterophobe. The journey began, marked by lessons learned, like avoiding Drunk Punk recordings.

Now operating from a warehouse in Belgrade, Montana, The Gallatin Underground provides free live streams for local artists, hosts interviews, offers live sound engineering, audio/video production, live stream productions, and runs a “Merch Shop.” Advertising opportunities are also available for businesses.

The focus has evolved to encompass all local artists, musicians, poets, comedians, performers and more. Promoting diverse art produced in the Gallatin Valley and surrounding areas is our mission. We have become a tool for self-promotion, community connection, touring artists’ opening acts, and sharing art globally, The Gallatin Underground proudly empowers community artists and musicians.

We are The Gallatin Underground.

Empowering community artists and musicians.