About Us

The Galllatin Underground was founded in 2018. It started out as an idea to get to know the community and help the community get to know each other. The brainchild of Erin Redfire and Vincent Palafox was conceived on fall evening over cocktails. Coming from a eclectic musical background herself, Erin Redfire had understood Vincent Palafox’s strong desire to witness and capture local artists and musicians. She said to Vince “Why don’t we go around and record local bands and interview them? We could release it as a podcast or something.” Vince, already devoted to archiving audio files and more concerned with finding another tasty gin and tonic, replied simply, “Sure”. 

The months passed on and neither had spoken to the other about the idea. Come sometime in November 2017 Erin called Vince up and asked if he was still interested in the idea, he replied “Yes.”. Later that month Vince purchased a small mixer and some mics to start recording local artists and musicians. They started off with local band Heterophobe, and quickly learned some hard lessons. (Don’t let Drunk Punk record your show.) Slowly but surely, The Gallatin Underground became something more than either Vince or Erin could imagine. 

The Gallatin Underground currently works out of a warehouse in the Bruce Industrial Park in Belgrade, Montana. We offer free live streams for local artists and musicians. We also host two interview style shows featuring local artists who do not perform live and those who do. We offer live sound engineering, audio and video production, live stream productions, and we host a modest “Merch Shop” featuring a small selection of clothing and accessories. The Gallatin Underground also offers advertising to Businesses looking to advertise on our platform.

Today, The Gallatin Underground focuses on all local artists and musicians regardless of genre or art type. We focus to promoting the vast variety of art that The Gallatin Valley (and surrounding areas) produces. We are a tool for the artist and musician to promote themselves, a tool for the community to connect with artists they may have not heard yet, a tool for touring artists and musicians to use to decide who they might want as an opening act while they are traveling through our beautiful state, but most importantly we are a tool used to share our wonderful art with world.

We are The Gallatin Underground.

Empowering community artists and musicians.