Stoneman’s Way

Share on facebook Share Stoneman’s Way Up next on The GU Show we have long time scenesters Stoneman’s Way. Having over 20 years in the Bozeman underground under their belts, these guys were a blast to have on the show! Stoneman’s Way blends bouncy classic rock vibes with high energy garage punk. Poppy melodies over […]

Ryan Chrys

Share on facebook Share Ryan Chrys Born and raised in Montana, Ryan Chrys is a singer-songwriter now based out of Denver, Colorado. He plays a blend of storytelling folk and outlaw country music, both solo and with his band Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts. With quite the repertoire, he has performed with country greats […]

My Own Ruin

Share on facebook Share My Own Ruin Bozeman’s NU’est metal band, My Own Ruin, comes to The Warehouse for another episode of The GU Show. Full of crunchy riffs, melodic guitars, and gut-wrenching vocals, My Own Ruin makes their debut with high energy tunes. Their heavy stomping tunes pack a punch. The juxtaposition of chugging […]

Bob Wall

Share on facebook Share KGVM’s – Bob Wall You’ve heard his soothing voice transmitted from the radio over at KGVM community radio. In this episode, Tommy and I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Wall and learn a bit more about the man behind the mask. In this episode of Hidden Gems we […]

Great Grey

Share on facebook Share Great Grey A many of many names Great Grey, aka Jake Williams, has been creating music since 2008. Ever evolving and ever expanding, Great Grey covers a breadth of ground musically, all revolving within psych rock sound. From airy and melodic to heavy and gritty, the one man band keeps listeners […]

What’s New: GU Update 2020

Share on facebook Share What’s New: GU Update 2020 2020 has been a wild ride full of surprises for all of us. Here at the Gallatin Underground, we’ve been hunkering down and working on how to continue creating content in a safe manner. We’re excited to announce a handful of changes we’ve made throughout the […]

Bein’ Useful

Share on facebook Share Bein’ Useful On this latest episode of the GU Show, spastic goofballs Bein’ Useful bring us their 7 Layer Dip of tripped out funk-rock. Groovy, spacey, jazzy, ripping, and… shit that’s only four layers… You’ll just have to trust me you wanna smother your chips in their high energy party rock. […]

Goners UK

Share on facebook Share Goners UK It’s about damn time we got Goners U.K. on the Gallatin Underground show! A staple of the Bozeman punk scene, it was a pleasure to sit down with them for this episode. If you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, Goners U.K. blend elements of punk, […]

Solidarity Service

Share on facebook Share Solidarity Service Service is now in session! Kicking off Season 2 here on the Gallatin Underground is Solidarity Service. This funky blues rock band will get you groovin’, guaranteed! With steady beats and laid back vibes, Solidarity Service lays the foundations for a rocking good time. The licks keep rolling on […]

Buckshot Killit

Share on facebook Share Bozeman’s Greatest Shit Robert Stotts, performing as Buckshot Killit, continues to entertain Bozeman and surrounding areas with Hip-hop/Rap music. BSK, plays solo shows, with a live band and also collaborates with other artists. Even though BSK hasn’t released much material in the last few years he has continued to hold the […]

Season 2

Share on facebook Share New Site. New Season. Same Scene. (Just Quarantined) Wow what a ride! 24 episodes later and we’re barely grazing the surface of the scene. Thank you to all of the bands who have let us into their space, everyone who has been a part of interviews, and of course all of […]

Anaconda Vise

Share on facebook Facebook 1… 2… 3…   And they’re pinned! Anaconda Vise are the new welterweight champions of Bozeman pro-wrestling themed bands!   You read that right folks. PRO WRESTLING THEMED BAND. Are you ready for your eardrums to feel the smackdown? Well get ready brother, cuz the pain is coming! Anaconda Vise will […]

Lokken Productions

Share on facebook Share Pat Lokken built himself from the depths of the treacherous DIY scene into a stoic, multi-armed Hindu God-Audio-Visual Emperor.  Going from renting the Bogart park shell for $75 only to get a turnout of 3 people to now, paying the bands $75, doing sound and video, and STILL continuing to get […]

Tiny Iota

The smallest mite in the universe, a scintilla of dust floating through the star, specks of sand dotting a shoreline. These microcosms all represent the sound of tiny iota. Lush, laid back grooves, which still propel one forward, coated with introspective croonings. lyrically reminiscent of Thom Yorke or Elliot Smith, and sonically evocative of modern […]

Jacob Rountree

Watching an artist grow and develop is one of the best parts of the music scene. The twists and turns, how they progress, all of it brings further attachment to their art and to the scene as a whole. Jacob Rountree is one of those artists. From performing solo on an acoustic guitar at coffee […]

Go For The Throat Ent.

Go For The Throat Ent., is a local Bozeman production company founded and ran by Robert Stotts. Robert primarily works with Punk Bands and Hip Hop Artists. Established is 2017, Go For The Throat Ent. has put on a multitude of great shows for the community in the Bozeman area. Due to Robert’s love for both genres, […]


Holy shit! I’ve never heard one person create such a big sound before! Brainchild of Jori Apedaile, Eneferens is a one man metal masterpiece. Looping everything on his own, Apedaile creates soundscapes ranging from beautiful and airy, to crushing and heavy. Floating lush guitars soon give way to rapid blast beats and growling vocals.  Eneferens’ […]


It’s a crisp autumn morning. Maybe you’re peacefully sipping a cup of coffee while watching the leaves fall. Or trying to get just a few more moments of shut-eye when you hear it- ripping like a tornado through your eardrums. It’s your god damn neighbor Paul revving his fucking leaf blower at 7 am!! And […]


Our fearless leader Vincent Palafox sits down on the other side of the mic for once to talk about what music means to him. Entirely self-taught, Vincent began the opposite of many and started out writing his own songs. Being the guitarist and vocalist for Halley’s Return showcases just that. A long history of recording […]

Live Shows

Over the last couple of years, Vince has been asked to run sound for various bands. So now we’ve got a nice collection of recordings from those shows, and we thought, why not post them all? Here they all in all their glory, ready to be listened to again and again! Enjoy the soothing sounds […]

Season 1 is almost over! Thanks are in order!

As we reach the end of the year, we’ve interviewed and recorded 23 bands! And the crazy part is, we haven’t even yet scratched the surface of what Bozeman, Gallatin County, the surrounding areas and Montana and the Upper Midwest have to offer! We have one band left to record this year, Bein’ Useful. Being […]

Cwene Mary …quite contrary or Touch the picture to go to the bands page!) A haunting toy piano rings out, opening up into steady crunched out riffage in a flurry of an opener to “… quite contrary” Livingston punk rock trio Cwene Mary’s first release. The group reflects on modern life with songs ranging from therapy, pills, the […]

Meet the Crew Vol. 3

Tommy D “Why haven’t you posted in a while?” “What’s going on this week?” “Why didn’t you cover my band’s show?!?” Go yell at Tommy D, our resident hairball and hashtag wizard. JK, he’s barely better at running our social media than Vince. He got roped into this by explaining to Vince how Instagram works. […]

Meet the Crew VOL. 2

Erin Redfire Gallatin Underground Host/Founder Erin Redfire It started as an idea. “Yo! Let’s start a podcast about the music scene!” Gallatin Underground spawned from the heart and mind of Erin Redfire. With a passion for music, you’ll find her laying down killer riffs and singing in Kannabyss, and rocking the bass in Hailey’s Retun. […]

Meet the Crew VOL. 1

Vincent We recently added a couple new members to the crew here at Gallatin Underground and think it’s about time for a meet and greet! Well, like as close to a meet and greet as you can do over cyberspace… Over the next week, when we’re not busy telling you when the next rockin show […]

Tired of waiting to hear the next song?

You don’t have to listen to interview to enjoy what these amazing bands have created. Check out our first version of… The Gallatin Underground Radio! Check it out today! (Click or Touch the picture to go to the page!)

Liquid Abyss – The Gallatin Underground’s First Split Demo

The Gallatin Underground is very excited to announce our first split demo release! We’ve got a blend of some of the best in Stoner/Fuzz Rock and Metal for you on one CD! Both bands are local from Bozeman and they’re headed out for a tour this summer to infect the nation with their unique blend […]


Welcome to the Gallatin Underground! We are a website dedicated to exploring the depths of Bozeman and the Gallatin Area’s underground music scene! Featuring: A Podcast where we interview and showcase a band from their practice space (With Hosts Erin Redfire, Tommy D, and Vincent Palafox) We look forward to expanding this project and including […]