Bob Wall

Share on facebook Share KGVM’s – Bob Wall You’ve heard his soothing voice transmitted from the radio over at KGVM community radio. In this episode, Tommy and I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Wall and learn a bit more about the man behind the mask. In this episode of Hidden Gems we […]

Great Grey

Share on facebook Share Great Grey A many of many names Great Grey, aka Jake Williams, has been creating music since 2008. Ever evolving and ever expanding, Great Grey covers a breadth of ground musically, all revolving within psych rock sound. From airy and melodic to heavy and gritty, the one man band keeps listeners […]

Buckshot Killit

Share on facebook Share Bozeman’s Greatest Shit Robert Stotts, performing as Buckshot Killit, continues to entertain Bozeman and surrounding areas with Hip-hop/Rap music. BSK, plays solo shows, with a live band and also collaborates with other artists. Even though BSK hasn’t released much material in the last few years he has continued to hold the […]

Lokken Productions

Share on facebook Share Pat Lokken built himself from the depths of the treacherous DIY scene into a stoic, multi-armed Hindu God-Audio-Visual Emperor.  Going from renting the Bogart park shell for $75 only to get a turnout of 3 people to now, paying the bands $75, doing sound and video, and STILL continuing to get […]

Go For The Throat Ent.

Go For The Throat Ent., is a local Bozeman production company founded and ran by Robert Stotts. Robert primarily works with Punk Bands and Hip Hop Artists. Established is 2017, Go For The Throat Ent. has put on a multitude of great shows for the community in the Bozeman area. Due to Robert’s love for both genres, […]


Our fearless leader Vincent Palafox sits down on the other side of the mic for once to talk about what music means to him. Entirely self-taught, Vincent began the opposite of many and started out writing his own songs. Being the guitarist and vocalist for Halley’s Return showcases just that. A long history of recording […]

The PCB’s

Ever come to work hungover on the first day? That’s the PCB’s, who are the BEES KNEES as boomers might say. #BoomerPunk These guys are old school, I’m talking 2010-2014 era Bozeman Punk, probably the only punk band that existed here then. Piloted by DrunkPunk, #GoddamnitDave, and Chris-The-Drummer, this band is reuniting after 5 years […]