My Own Ruin

Share on facebook Share My Own Ruin Bozeman’s NU’est metal band, My Own Ruin, comes to The Warehouse for another episode of The GU Show. Full of crunchy riffs, melodic guitars, and gut-wrenching vocals, My Own Ruin makes their debut with high energy tunes. Their heavy stomping tunes pack a punch. The juxtaposition of chugging […]

Bein’ Useful

Share on facebook Share Bein’ Useful On this latest episode of the GU Show, spastic goofballs Bein’ Useful bring us their 7 Layer Dip of tripped out funk-rock. Groovy, spacey, jazzy, ripping, and… shit that’s only four layers… You’ll just have to trust me you wanna smother your chips in their high energy party rock. […]

Goners UK

Share on facebook Share Goners UK It’s about damn time we got Goners U.K. on the Gallatin Underground show! A staple of the Bozeman punk scene, it was a pleasure to sit down with them for this episode. If you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, Goners U.K. blend elements of punk, […]

Solidarity Service

Share on facebook Share Solidarity Service Service is now in session! Kicking off Season 2 here on the Gallatin Underground is Solidarity Service. This funky blues rock band will get you groovin’, guaranteed! With steady beats and laid back vibes, Solidarity Service lays the foundations for a rocking good time. The licks keep rolling on […]

Anaconda Vise

Share on facebook Facebook 1… 2… 3…   And they’re pinned! Anaconda Vise are the new welterweight champions of Bozeman pro-wrestling themed bands!   You read that right folks. PRO WRESTLING THEMED BAND. Are you ready for your eardrums to feel the smackdown? Well get ready brother, cuz the pain is coming! Anaconda Vise will […]

Tiny Iota

The smallest mite in the universe, a scintilla of dust floating through the star, specks of sand dotting a shoreline. These microcosms all represent the sound of tiny iota. Lush, laid back grooves, which still propel one forward, coated with introspective croonings. lyrically reminiscent of Thom Yorke or Elliot Smith, and sonically evocative of modern […]

Jacob Rountree

Watching an artist grow and develop is one of the best parts of the music scene. The twists and turns, how they progress, all of it brings further attachment to their art and to the scene as a whole. Jacob Rountree is one of those artists. From performing solo on an acoustic guitar at coffee […]


Holy shit! I’ve never heard one person create such a big sound before! Brainchild of Jori Apedaile, Eneferens is a one man metal masterpiece. Looping everything on his own, Apedaile creates soundscapes ranging from beautiful and airy, to crushing and heavy. Floating lush guitars soon give way to rapid blast beats and growling vocals.  Eneferens’ […]


It’s a crisp autumn morning. Maybe you’re peacefully sipping a cup of coffee while watching the leaves fall. Or trying to get just a few more moments of shut-eye when you hear it- ripping like a tornado through your eardrums. It’s your god damn neighbor Paul revving his fucking leaf blower at 7 am!! And […]

This Is Not Panther Car

Shrouded in mystery, local indie kingpins Panther Car are easier to define by negation then comparison. Their off-kilter riffs and song structure blend with airy vocals and lush effects. Groovy syncopated drums and bass lines round out their sound. Dreamy indie-pop is only the tip of the iceberg, as Panther Car grabs from many different […]

Liquid Colors, So What Like Paint?

You ever just watch paint dry man? It’s like that but better. Liquid Colors blends rock n roll with psychedelic sounds to create a unique style. Their juxtaposition of heavy riffs and lighter grooves pulls from a multitude of aesthetics, creating a contrasting collection of songs. When asked directly Liquid Colors themselves have trouble pinpointing […]

Where Art Thy Friends… The Randalls

Episode 16 features the Randall Scott Experience, a punk rock trio from Livingston. Their gnarly sound is shaped by thumpy melodic basslines, dirty distortion, and throaty vocals. With power chords coursing through their veins, the Randalls’ sound ranges from classic punk rock to borderline black metal. Dark haunting riffs coat thrashing guitars throughout debaucherous songs […]

Halley’s Return, Does Anyone Really Care?

Once every 75 years or so, the cosmic phenomenon of Halley’s Comet is visible from Earth. I don’t know why you would replicate such scare repetition as a local band, but maybe I’m not as innovative as Halley’s Return. Featuring Gallatin Underground’s own Vince Palafox and Erin Redfire, Harry’s Return is another mediocre band we […]

A Long, Long Time Ago… Bubba Fett

Nah, just kidding this is here and now, right here in the valley. Bubba Fett quit their day jobs as intergalactic bounty hunters to bring spaced out country vibes right to your landing pad. Renowned by many on the Jedi council as the chillest around, their blend of warbly psychedelia and country rock returns a […]

What is a Modern Son?

It’s the year 3019. A space biker cruises across the galaxy, super sonic speakers still blasting his favorite vintage album, “The Weird Years” by Modern Sons. Here and now, the space age tones of Modern Sons push the boundaries of rock music. 90’s/00’s garage rock lays a solid foundation for overtones that are obviously used […]

How do you Bear Spray Akimbo?

Lucky #13 is in the books people! We’re stoked to share it with sassy dance rockers, Bear Spray Akimbo! Their crunchy funk fused rock will keep the party going for hours! Groovey licks and slap happy riffs roll from song to song. Changing from chill to high energy, Bear Spray Akimbo always creates a great […]

I got a Shot Stereo!!

There’s this big ass whole blown out of the speaker man! Probably from cranking Shot Stereo so loud! Based out of Missoula, Montana, Shot Stereo brings punk rock back to its politically charged roots with a thrash metal edge. Cranked guitars, throaty bass and slamming drums bring you constant driving riffs with an in your […]

Pop Violence… So That’s A Thing Now?

When you think of “Pop Violence” you may think of somebody getting mauled at a Backstreet Boys Concert getting pissed and writing a song. ​ The truth is “Pop Violence” is nothing of the sort. Try more a combination between a 90’s Punk Rock Band vs. an 80’s Synth Wave Band. ​ Local Missoula quartet […]

Where is 3 Miles to Clyde?

3 Miles to Clyde is a band of brothers based out of Southwest Montana. Brought together by music and rock n roll, we set out on an amazing journey that within one year would take us to many different local Montana venues, the studio to release our first Single and EP, and bring us together […]

The Dirty Dirty… are you in?

A local cluster of musicians bringing together the finest sounds of blues, rock & roll, and space tunes. (Click or Touch the picture to go to the bands page.) The Dirty Dirty is a Bozeman, MT based 3 piece band. Somewhere between higher dimensions, BBQ, polar bears, doomed spaceships, and whiskey, the Dirty Dirty has […]

SATA, Not just a computer thing!

Have you ever been driving down the road listening to a tune, remembering some special time in your life, to find the radio playing some song you’ve never heard before. One of those songs that keeps going and going, but somehow seems to capture your exact feeling of nostalgia? Well if so, Something and The Anything is definitely […]

Zenitram Jr., A Cure All

Have you ever wished you had your very own theme song? Wait no longer, Zenitram is here for you! Also cures many ailments. (Listen to the interview for the full list of cures!) Another one of Zenitram Jr.’s favorite things to do is write “Roast Tracks”! For a small price you could dish out some fire to an […]

Timmy & The Tourettes Syndrome

Help! Help! Timmy come save me and don’t forget your Tourettes! I need that face melting, mind blowing, tone defying, bass ridin’, beat shattering sound! I need you to come help me get lost in a wall of noise, wailing guitars and thumpin’ bass! If you could only be so kind! What are you waiting […]

Hold on, Dashboard Carl!

Dashboard Carl is a high energy, intense, get you going now kinda guy… his hot sizzling guitars, fully loaded bass and sexy vocal range will leave you wanting more. Not to mention his solid beat, that would get any ladies heart going, comes at you hard and heavy but slows down just when you need. […]

What Is Kannabyss?

Kannabyss is a strange blend of Silky Smooth Guitar crossed with Muy Bajo Bass and crisp delightful finish from the Skin Slappin’ Drums that will take your ears to places they have never dreamed of. With a feeling that sometimes seems like hours but was only a few minutes. Don’t waste your time on mine […]

The Death Trophy

What is a death trophy? … I guess, it might be 4 or 5 dudes playing hardcore punk rock in a storage unit. Or who knows, I didn’t make the name up. But on to the interview, we started out fast paced, full of testosterone, and about a half hour late… Thanks Randy! These guys […]

To Your Battle Stations!

Battle Stations are probably some of the most down to earth guys I have ever met. You might not think so from there music though. They play good ‘ol fashioned punk rock with nothing but distortion to drive them to the next song. If you like 90’s punk rock and your tired of the same […]


We recently interviewed Heterophobe and have released the first episode of The Gallatin Underground. The Interview was horrible, but we had so much fun. We had plenty of technical difficulties, but once we got started the show was on. The Drunk Punk, Feather and #GODDAMMITDAVE can sure have a good time and couldn’t wait to […]