Want to get your band on The Gallatin Underground?

If you are a visual artist, comedian, performer, or other artist please select our Hidden Gems Show.

*The Gallatin Underground Live Stream Series are filmed and produced at our studio in Belgrade on Saturdays from 3pm to 8pm. 

**You will be contacted and informed if your show date selected is approved. Show dates are pending until confirmed. You will receive a notification upon approval.

***The Gallatin Underground Live Stream Series streams at 6 pm and runs until the band or artist is finished. (The band or artist shows up at 3 pm for set up and soundcheck. If the band does not arrive by 3:30, THE SHOW WILL BE CANCELED, please show up 30 minutes early.)

****Bands that played last season will not be accepted. (If you did an interview and not a livestream last year, we will consider your band.)

Check our calendar for available dates.