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Our Services

Livestream in our studio – $150 (2 hours including 1 hour setup/teardown)

Interview with your band – FREE (one time only)

Interview about your art – (Visual, comedy, poetry, producer, anything art) – FREE (one time only)

Webpage space for your business – $120/year (A banner and link on our homepage and on our app, currently for android only)

Recording Services – $60/hr (We come to you, 50 Mile Radius of Bozeman) (Further will be charged based on mileage)

Recording Services – $40/hr (Come to our studio)

Mixing Services – $30/hr

Band Demo – $600 (Includes 10 hours recording time with your band, 10 hours mixing/mastering)

Solo Demo – $400 (Includes 6 hours recording time, 6 hours mixing/mastering)

Record your show – $200 (We will set up mics for all your instruments, kick, snare, 3 toms and overheads, 2 hours recording time, price includes mixing) (4 hours including setup and teardown)

Need live indoor sound? – $300/day (8 hours including setup and teardown)

Need live outdoor sound? – $500/day (8 hours)

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